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void plot_window_display_data ( Plot plot  ) 

Draw the plot.

Redraws the data region, inside the axes. Note that the pixmap is drawn including the top margin - that's because this is where the time is displayed, so this area needs to be redrawn with each frame update.

plot The plot to be drawn.
Maybe there should be a separate display function for this, but for the time being, it's not a problem.

Definition at line 411 of file plot_area.c.

References _Plot::i_origin, _Plot::i_size, _Plot::j_origin, _Plot::pixmap, and _Plot::plot_area.

Referenced by plot_window_draw_grid_toggle(), plot_window_draw_points_toggle(), and plot_window_draw_range_toggle().

     plot->i_origin, 0,
     plot->i_origin, 0,
     plot->i_size+1, plot->j_origin+1);

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