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gint frame_draw_next ( GtkObject *  play_button  ) 

Move the animation to the next frame.

In ANIMATE_MODE, increment the frame number and draw the new frame, and switch the label on the play button if needed.

play_button Pointer to the play button widget.
TRUE if successful -- could be a boolean, I guess.

Definition at line 452 of file plot_area.c.

References all_windows_draw(), ANIMATE_MODE, current_frame_increment(), current_time_display_value(), global_current_frame, global_display_mode, global_last_frame, and PAUSE_MODE.

Referenced by export_to_dir(), and pause_play_button_click().

  if (global_display_mode != ANIMATE_MODE)
    return FALSE;

   * If we're at the last frame, switch to PAUSE_MODE.
  if (global_current_frame == global_last_frame)
      global_display_mode = PAUSE_MODE;
      if (play_button != NULL)
        gtk_object_set(play_button, "GtkButton::label",
                       (gchar*) PLAY_BUTTON_LABEL, NULL);
      return FALSE;



  return TRUE;

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