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Frame* frame_init ( void   ) 

Set default values for a single frame of a data set.

A pointer to a newly allocated Frame initialised with default values
The returned Frame must be freed.

Definition at line 120 of file read_data.c.

References _Frame::npoints, _Frame::time, _Frame::x_range, _Frame::xy_data, and _Frame::y_range.

Referenced by dataset_read_from_file(), and frame_derivative().

  Frame* frame;

  frame = g_malloc(sizeof(Frame));
  frame->npoints = 0;
  frame->time = UNINITIALISED_TIME;
  frame->x_range[0] = G_MAXDOUBLE;
  frame->x_range[1] = -G_MAXDOUBLE;
  frame->y_range[0] = G_MAXDOUBLE;
  frame->y_range[1] = -G_MAXDOUBLE;
  frame->xy_data = g_array_new(FALSE, FALSE, sizeof(gdouble*));

  return frame;

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