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void plot_window_derivative ( Plot plot,
gint  action,
GtkItem *  button 

Create a new plot containing the derivative of the current plot.

plot The Plot whose derivative should be taken.
action The action initiating the call.
button The button initiating the call.

Definition at line 484 of file callbacks.c.

References _Plot::data, dataset_derivative(), global_data_set_list, plot_data_init(), and _Plot::window.

  DataSet* data_set;
  DataSet* d_data_set;
  Plot* d_plot;
  GArray* data;
  GArray* d_data;
  guint i;
  gint idx;
  gint d_data_set_idx;

  data = plot->data;
  d_data = g_array_new(FALSE, FALSE, sizeof(gint));

  for (i=0; i<data->len; ++i)
      idx = g_array_index(data, gint, i);
      data_set = g_array_index(global_data_set_list, DataSet*, idx);

      d_data_set = dataset_derivative(idx);
      d_data_set_idx = global_data_set_list_append(d_data_set);

      g_array_append_val(d_data, d_data_set_idx);
  d_plot = plot_data_init(d_data);


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