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void frame_append_data_point ( Frame frame,
gdouble  x_val,
gdouble  y_val 

Append a data point to a frame, resetting the max and mins.

The new point is added to the Frame, and the corresponding data ranges are modified.

frame The frame to which the point is to be appended.
x_val The coordinate x-value of the point.
y_val The coordinate y-value of the point.

Definition at line 283 of file read_data.c.

References _Frame::npoints, _Frame::x_range, _Frame::xy_data, and _Frame::y_range.

Referenced by dataset_read_from_file(), and frame_derivative().

  gdouble* point;

  point = g_malloc(2*sizeof(gdouble));
  *point = x_val;
  *(point+1) = y_val;

  g_array_append_val(frame->xy_data, point);

  frame->x_range[0] = MIN(frame->x_range[0], x_val);
  frame->x_range[1] = MAX(frame->x_range[1], x_val);
  frame->y_range[0] = MIN(frame->y_range[0], y_val);
  frame->y_range[1] = MAX(frame->y_range[1], y_val);


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