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gboolean step_fwd_button_click ( GtkWidget *  fwd_button,
GdkEventExpose *  event,
gpointer *  data 

Move an animation one frame forward due to a "fwd" button click. Toggle to PAUSE_MODE and increment the frame number.

fwd_button The forward button widget.
event The calling event.
data Data attached to the event (unused).
TRUE if successful, otherwise something else.

Definition at line 627 of file callbacks.c.

References all_windows_draw(), current_frame_increment(), current_time_display_value(), global_current_frame, global_display_mode, global_last_frame, PAUSE_MODE, SHOW_ALL_MODE, and start_button_click().

Referenced by create_control_panel(), and plot_window_key_press_event().

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