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_Plot Struct Reference
[Data structures.]

#include <ygraph.h>

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Detailed Description

Describes all of the data contained in a single plot window.

Definition at line 386 of file ygraph.h.

Public Attributes

GdkColormap * colormap
gchar * current_directory
GArray * current_frame
GArray * data
gboolean draw_grid
gboolean draw_points
gboolean draw_range
gboolean fixed_range
GdkFont * font
gint font_height
GdkGC * gc
gint i_origin
gint i_size
gint j_origin
gint j_size
GtkItemFactory * menu
GdkPixmap * pixmap
GtkWidget * plot_area
GArray * plot_data
gint plot_nbr
GtkWidget * window
gdouble x_range [2]
gdouble y_range [2]
GArray * zoom_history_end
GArray * zoom_history_start
gint zoom_x_start
gint zoom_y_start

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